I was born with Cerebral Palsy, caused by a delivery complication that scrambled my brain like eggs that will last a lifetime.
I knew I was different from an early age when I could not keep up with friends on the playground, or when I trip over my own feet for no reason. The harder I try to keep up and fit in, the struggle worsens.
My challenge, my difference, my disability, is my secret for everyone to see: a lifetime of misery and pain, nothing could be changed according to doctors.
I faced that terrible fate with obsessive rage to validate my existence. I could not be a burden, because burdens get eliminated.
For example, I was excluded from playing sports, I adapted, learned to teach, and became a coach. I was excluded from coaching, I adapted, learned logistics and operations to work in administration. I was in a pattern of accepting the imposed barriers of possibilities.
I was afraid of uncertainty. Uncertainty creates fear, fear creates judgment, judgment kills creativity. I tried something different.
​​I went into the ocean to learn how to heal the broken bits of my soul. To see if it could teach me how to glue the bits back together to live with peace and purpose. I learned that every wave is a personal test of willpower.
Now, I represent the United States on the biggest stages of international competition, while working with the biggest companies to build a place of belonging for all.
This is the power of effort over results. It saved my life.
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