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Jacob Pacheco is an Elite Adaptive Surfer & Leading Inclusion Expert

While Navigating Life with Severe Physical Disability

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My Story

Life consists of challenging waves.
Small waves, Big waves, and the rare Tsunami.
I’ve learned this from living life with severe cerebral palsy and the mental health challenges that followed.
I went into the ocean to learn how to heal the broken bits of my soul. I found meaning in the suffering: to surf each of these challenging waves as they arise.
Yes, even the Tsunami wave. I will show you how to ride your own waves of adversity and uncertainty that life gives.
You may be facing a tsunami right now, but we will surf that wave together to calm waters.

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“Jacob is a real life example of perseverance and fortitude. He uses his life experiences as lessons to others.
He’s a phenomenal young man and a great speaker.”
Kimberly Long, CEO-ACNL
SMILING & STOKED 😁 2 words I live by... . .__It is not possible for me to be as stoked and happy 😃 as I am without the help of others

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What I wish I could tell my younger self

By Pronetoride | May 13, 2024

Hey how are you? It’s Jacob, we’ve connected recently at a: conference, campus, workplace, a friendly chat, or online. I shared a message that stuck, and you wanted to hear more; it’s why we’re talking now. Thank you. You mean a lot to me. I wrote a small poem, “ I wish I could tell […]

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